Thursday, June 4, 2009

Burnt Offerings Conversion PDF v0.5

I missed the Runewell of Wrath skill challenge when I went through the first time and updated the skill challenges to the stat block format. It is now fixed and slightly revised. I also changed Malfeshnekor to be more in-line with the Barghest presentation in the Monster Manual 2.

Burnt Offerings Conversion v0.5


johnmarron said...


I sent you a PM through RPGNet, but don't know if you got it. Thanks for all the great work on the conversions. I've about decided that the next game I run will be RotRL using 4E and your conversions. You've also inspired me to attempt my own conversion of Crimson Throne. Would you mind if I hit you up for some advice? Contact me at jvmarron at google mail if you are willing to field some questions.

Thanks, John

Scott said...

Hi John,

Thanks for poking me about the PM. I haven't logged into my account at in a few days, so I hadn't noticed it.

I'll toss you an e-mail and help with whatever I can.