Sunday, May 3, 2009

Burnt Offerings Conversion PDF v0.3

Another update to the compiled conversion document.

This one fixed a couple of minor discrepencies, changed the column layout slightly so that the document is easier to read, and (the biggest addition) revamped all the skill challenges using the skill challenge stat block format featured in the SRD. Skill challenges should now be easy to understand and run.

A note going forward: posts made to the blog should be considered rough drafts. While every post here goes through a revision process before it even gets published to the blog in the first place, they are far from finalized. The compiled PDF of the adventure conversion should always be considered the most up-to-date source.

This update clears the table of things I wanted to change about the first adventure's conversion. With that template established, I'm going to be moving onto publishing a compiled document of The Skinsaw Murders (as well as proceeding with the conversion of The Hook Mountain Massacre as normal). With luck, the second adventure's conversion should see the light of day before I'm finished with The Hook Mountain Massacre.

Edit: This post is now out of date. I have released another update to the Burnt Offerings PDF because I missed the Meditation Chamber skill challenge when I went through and revised them before putting up the previous update.

Version 0.4 of the Burnt Offerings compiled conversion document can be found here.

Edit 2: This post is now doubly out of date. Version 0.5 of the Burnt Offerings compiled conversion document (found here) is the most recent.


Manuel said...

Hi Scott,

Just so you know, the "lesser runewell of wrath" still doesn't have the skill challenge format.

Thanks for making this awesome conversion document.

Scott said...


I keep forgetting how many skill challenges I put in that adventure. ;p

Thanks for finding that, Manuel. I'm foreseeing a v0.5 in the near future.

Scott Bay said...

Thorough and professional-looking work, fellow Scott. (Even with these little skill challenge oversights you seem to have had.)

Isn't it wild, two Scotty B's that play D&D and blog (with similar themes, even!)? My own blog's content being nothing to brag about, though... :-S

Scott said...

Thank you!

And it is a bit uncanny. Any other Scott B D&D nuts out there?

I like the couple of articles you have sitting on the front page at the moment. I was equally excited about the release of H1 and the PHB2 update to the Character Builder demo. I think they'll be great tools for expanding the market when WotC begins to shift their marketing strategy next year. Being able to essentially test drive tabletop roleplaying for a couple months without spending a cent on books is a solid way to grow the hobby.

I'm also a little jealous of your logo.

Paul said...

My DM is a Scott B!

Just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate the work you've put into this conversion document. It's been a blast reading through it and learning how to convert 3rd edition adventures into 4e adventures. I'm looking forward to running this one the next time I DM for my group!

Scott said...

The eeriness continues!

And thank you!