Monday, July 27, 2009

Harrowing the Hook

Scaling a miles-high mountain in the middle of a supernaturally strong blizzard knowing that a clan of bloodthirsty ogres is waiting at the top is absolutely a skill challenge-worthy scenario.

Skill Challenge: Harrowing the Hook

Setup: The Kreeg clanhold lies a half-mile from the top of Hook Mountain's 10,000-foot peak. The PCs would be served well by some (perhaps magical) climbing gear. Don't forget to reward creative thinking; if the PCs can come up with a good use for one of their daily utility powers, for instance, don't hesitate to give them a free success or significant bonus to a check.

Stat block:

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Bailey said...

I really like the inclusion of Arcana in this skill challenge. The "start over" defeat seems to lack something. A suggestion might be that a failure indicates an encounter with ogres near the top of the climb, with a few of the party still one or two climb checks from completing the ascent.