Sunday, November 9, 2008

C24 (Treasury)

The treasury chest in this small room sports a nasty surprise of a trap. Unfortunately, this trap once again runs counter to the design philosophy of 4th Edition encounters; it challenges only a single party member and isn't tactically interesting. It would be a shame to leave it out, though, so I've bitten the bullet and converted it anyway. The stats for both the trap and the associated tetanus disease are below.

The chest itself contains treasure parcel 4 and any portion of treasure parcel 10 you decide to allocate here.

Stat blocks:


Starfox Musings said...
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Starfox Musings said...

Hi, I'm a new guy following your blog - we are on our fourth session and just done in Sandpoint. I love having your blog as a reference, tough I don't use it exactly as written.

I tried printing the textblock images from this page, but the resolution didn't suffice. It looks good when I load it in Firefox, but Word doesn't scale it properly. Odd.

I also noticed I cannot edit my comment, thus this double post.

Scott said...

Thanks for following along!

Have you tried printing the images directly from Firefox? I just printed the Filthy Slasher Trap stat block and it turned out very readable (I took a picture of the print-out: ). Granted, I make use of a laptop when I run game so this really hasn't come up for me, but it sounds like it's a problem with either the software you're using or your printer.

Starfox Musings said...

I tried compiling the texts more closely in word to reduce the number of loose sheets at the table. I do use a laptop at the table, but still prefer to have scenario info on paper. And you're right, it should be a software issue, which is why I find it a little odd and wondered if someone with experience in Word knew why.