Tuesday, November 11, 2008

E4 (Observation Deck)

Here she is, the villain of Burnt Offerings. You can make this as dramatic a meeting as you like, but sooner or later it's going to erupt into violence. Her Yeth Hound is now, of course, a Shadow Hound. The encounter itself is fairly straightforward. Nualia has no reliable means of escape, and her entourage of nasty minions has been decimated by the PCs.

The Shadow Hound is there merely to provide reliable flanking, since its teleport movement allows it to be wherever it is needed. Have Nualia make sound use of her Burning Eyes ability to move characters into melee who wouldn't normally want to be there, and then hit the defender (who probably has a poor Will defense) with Shared Nightmare. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers:

Total: 1250 xp (Level 6 Encounter)

Nualia's golden holy symbol is found here (worth 110 gold pieces), and it along with the ancient manuscripts also lying around the room (500 gold pieces) count as treasure parcels 5 and 9 from level 4. Treasure parcel 1 from level 5 is also here, the Sihedron Medallion worn by Nualia (treat it as an Amulet of False Life +2, but do keep track of who is wearing it).

Stat block:


tadkil said...

How about resist 5 radiant instead? She is still an Aasimar at this point. It's a neat twist for PCs.

Scott said...

Hmmm, that's an interesting idea. I may throw that in next time I come through and update.

tadkil said...

I have included the Sidrehon Medallion as a treasure parcel for her. I used the Amulet of False Life, as this almost perfectly mirrors what the effects described in 3.5. It does suck up treasure slot 1 in the level five allocation profile however. Just seemed like this was too integral to the plot to bypass. Did you include the medallion?

Scott said...

I did include the Medallion in the treasure for this area, though because of the parcel system I want to refrain from dictating what magical equipment the DM decides to supply the party with. I think I'll add a note about that in the post, however. Thanks!

Scott said...

I've changed my mind about including magic items with significant plot value. They will now be included where I feel they're worthwhile. And you're right, the Amulet of False Life is an almost perfect fit.