Monday, July 27, 2009

Tangent: 4th Edition Divine Domains in Golarion

Divine Power was released this past month, and it reintroduces domains to 4th Edition, including new domain feats and domain-specific Divinity powers. While the domains for the core 4th Edition pantheon are listed, other campaign settings will need to determine for themselves which domains are appropriate for which deities. Where Golarion is concerned, an effort should be made to make these options available to PCs worshiping the requisite deities. With that in mind, the following is a list of the most prominent Golarion deities (as listed in the Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide) and their updated 4th Edition domains.

Erastil: Life, protection, wilderness
Iomedae: Justice, sun, war
Torag: Creation, earth, protection
Sarenrae: Hope, life, sun
Shelyn: Love, luck, skill
Desna: Change, freedom, luck
Cayden Cailean: Change, freedom, strength
Abadar: Civilization, earth, justice
Irori: Civilization, knowledge, strength
Gozreh: Sea, storm, wilderness
Pharasma: Death, fate, life
Nethys: Arcana, destruction, knowledge
Gorum: Destruction, strength, war
Calistria: Luck, trickery, vengeance

These new domains will appear in the next update to the Burnt Offerings and Player's Guide conversion PDF.


Craig said...

Cool stuff Scott. This was something I was contemplating after browsing over Divine Power in my FLGS, but none of my players are really playing a divine character (at least, roleplay wise: Jafar is hybrid Invoker, but that's more of a flavour reason at present) so it hasn't been that pressing of an issue for me to pick up DP yet.

Mind if I link to this post from my Legacy of Fire conversion work?

Phil Snyder said...

Excellent. I was going to get around to doing this for my game, but you've done the work for me already. :) My buddy's dwarven paladin of Desna will be pleased.

Scott said...

Of course, please feel free to either link here or even post this to your own blog (as long as you attribute it).