Thursday, January 15, 2009

B24 (Iesha's Prison)

Handling Iesha's situation is something that needs to be given serious attention. Unless the party is particularly gung-ho about undead slaying, they will probably be given pause when they find the revenant. Outside of combat, play her according to the way she is presented in the original adventure.

It is quite possible that she will end up leading the party towards Aldern in the caverns below. Bear in mind that one of the basement doors is locked and Iesha does not possess the strength necessary to break it down. If Iesha does make it into the caverns below the manor, I suggest that the undead allow her to pass unharmed (if you need rationalization for this, it's likely that Aldern's commanding orders to his ghouls were something along the lines of "Let no living creature pass"). This will probably separate the PCs from Iesha while they are forced to deal with Aldern's guardians, giving her time to confront Aldern (and subsequently be destroyed by him). Consequences for Aldern, should this take place, will be provided in his encounter.

This is not necessarily intended to take place as a combat encounter in this room (though that is entirely within the realm of possibility). Whether the PCs fight Iesha or she confronts Aldern, award the party experience as though they defeated her.

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