Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Skinsaw Murders

Hemlock's audience with the PCs is the kick-off point for The Skinsaw Murders. He exposes them to the first new threads of the story in the form of the recent killings that have taken place in the environs of Sandpoint. This should immediately set the PCs about the task of pinning down the culprit, which will first involve an investigation of the circumstances surrounding the murders. When they decide to begin poking around, assign them the major quest provided below and then move on to the skill challenge.

Quest card(s):


tadkil said...

Really interested in seeing your treasure breakdown for this one.

Scott said...

Haha, me too.

tadkil said...

Looks like Misgivings is the best place to drop most of the treasure on the PCs. I figure some of the loot could be a "gift" from some of the saved farmers.

I really like the bit with the scarecrows.

Here's my take on Ghoul Fever (This looks much prettier formatted in word)

Ghoul Fever
Level 5 Disease
Victims Exposed to Attacks from suffer from aching fever and haunted visions. Those who succumb rise as ghouls the night after death.

Attack +10 Will
Endurance Improve DC 21, Maintain DC 19, Worsen DC 18 or lower

The Target is Cured
Initial effect: The target is weakened
The target is dazed and weakened

Final State: Death and rises as a ghoul