Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tangent: The Skinsaw Murders Bestiary

The Skinsaw Murders contains the Carrionstorm, Boggard, Lyrakien, Faceless Stalker, Revenant and the Lamia Matriarch.



Boggard Priest-King:


Lyrakien Familiar:

A lyrakien familiar is a spirit, not a natural living creature, granted to particularly dedicated followers of Desna. Fundamentally different from other lyrakien, it represents a tiny portion of Desna's will made manifest.

A lyrakien familiar is a paragon tier familiar. It is only available to arcane characters of 11th level and above. Such characters may take the Arcane Familiar feat to receive the benefits of having a familiar (see Arcane Power for the rules for familiars, and Dragon #374 for more familiar feats and information on paragon and epic tier familiars).

Faceless Stalker:

Ugothol Assassin:


Lamia Matriarch:


Jamie Lovett said...

Sorry, I dont' mean to become a pest but...did you forget to upload the Faceless Stalker/Ugothol stats or am I just looking in the wrong place?

Scott said...

Are you unable to see the Faceless Stalker and Ugothol Assassin statblocks above? They are there.

Jamie Lovett said...

Actually no, I can't see odd,seeing as I can see all the other blocks just fine. I guess its something on my end. Oh well...

Thanks again for all the work you've put in!

Scott said...

That's troubling. Is anyone else having this issue? I'm able to see the stat block thumbnail images and click on them to view the full-size image.

Jamie, what happens when you click on one of the links to the Faceless Stalker or Ugothol Assassin stat blocks in the encounters that use them? Also, what happens when you follow these two links: and

Those are direct links to the stat block images.

Scott said...

Also, can you see all the other stat blocks? There should be a boggard, boggard priest-king, lyrakien, carrionstorm, revenant and lamia matriarch in addition to the ugothols.

Jamie Lovett said...

I can see all the other monster blocks just fine. When I click on the faceless stalker or ugothol links in encounter posts, I'm brought to where the statblocks ought to be on the bestiary post, but still can't see anything. Those links just bring me to blank pages.

When my roommate gets home tonight I'm going to try to bring up the bestiary on his computer and see what happens...

Scott said...

Okay. Thanks for checking this out for me. I've e-mailed the two stat blocks in question to you as a temporary solution.

Jamie Lovett said...

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I finally figured out what was wrong. I somehow ended up blocking one of blogger's image servers in Firefox. Fixed now, and everything is showing up fine. Thanks for sending me the stat blocks!

Scott said...

Glad to hear that it was resolved!