Thursday, January 15, 2009

B30 (The Pit)

Stat block(s):


BenTheFerg said...

Cheers Scott! Bring it on! My party are about to have a battle at the farm near the misgivings - so all this work on the mansion was/ is very useful! Fingers crossed you can complete it in the next few weeks!! (Next sesh for me in 13 days)

Keep it up - great stuff!


Scott said...

Glad to hear it. The Misgivings is done, actually. I've converted everything, but my party hasn't yet confronted Aldern (and I avoid posting anything that I haven't had a chance to run myself). I'm going to be out of town for research over the weekend, but I'll continue updating the blog once I return.

Delazar said...

once again, great job! a question: do you keep your laptop near when you run the scenarios, or do you have all your notes written out/printed out?

if they're in printable/usable format, would you consider sharing them?

thx again for the great conversions

Scott said...

As I advise in one of my first posts, I keep my laptop at my side while running the game. I actually use this very website during game - one of the things you don't see is a constantly updated temporary post where I store all of my first-draft information. I have that post open on my laptop while the game goes on (which allows me to make edits on the fly when I fel like something should be changed), and then I turn portions of it into new posts when they go live on the blog.

Unfortunately I don't currently have everything in an easy-to-use printable format, but one of my goals is to one day make that happen.

Darren said...
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Darren said...

Hello Scott! Your site is very nice, I'm watching closely as I might be following the path of adapting this to 4E.

BUT, did you see the new "Open Grave" book yet? They have a mechanic for haunts now (starting on page 27) involving religion checks instead of turning. Looks interesting.

Scott said...

Thanks, Darren!

I just looked through the Hauntings section of Open Grave and it has some excellent ideas in there. I'm going to add the Religion check countermeasure to my haunts as well as using Insight checks for a few of them where appropriate.

The effect I'll be aiming for is that if a character makes the appropriate check DC to notice the haunt just before it activates, they'll receive a surprise action that they can use to attempt a Religion check to "disarm" the haunt.

Darren said...

I'll be watching closely to see how your haunting stat-blocks turn out after your Open Grave modifications.

BenTheFerg said...

Hi Scott,

I resume play tomorrow. We are outside the farm - and about to get pounced by a pack of ghouls (I am going to try and use ghouls for that encounter - feels more in keeping with the scenario - but am yet to design it (my next task in 10 mins!)

i was wondering if you/ anyone had an idea for Foxglove's stats - even in rough form at the moment? Who knows how far the party will get tomorrow evening - they may make it to the basement and then that blistering confrontation with Foxglove.

If you have a rough stat block that'd be fab.



Scott said...

Everything's finished through the Misgivings, Foxglove's Townhouse and the Seven's Sawmill. I just need to post a lot of it. I've been revising all of the haunts to be more in line with the recently-released Open Grave mechanics for hauntings, which has been a pain in the butt (but ultimately worthwhile).

Honestly, though the haunts are relatively minor encounters themselves, they've taken up more time than the vast majority of encounters I've converted simply because creating one stat block takes about twenty minutes to a half hour to format it properly and convert it to an image file to be posted, and there are about twenty haunts. I like them much better now, though.

I'll try to finish posting the Misgivings encounters today.

Scott said...

And yes, I'll post Aldern's stat blocks (both of them!).

Scott said...

All haunts have been updated to reflect the haunting mechanics from Open Grave. In most cases all characters can use perception to identify haunts right as they manifest. The character (or characters) targeted by the particular haunt can also use insight to detect the presence of supernatural evil manifesting. Religion checks can be made during the surprise action or while the haunt is manifesting to suppress it. See the tangent post on haunts for full info.