Sunday, August 3, 2008

B1 (Guard Cave)

This is a pretty straightforward encounter, beginning as soon as a PC rounds the corner to look into the cave.

A group of Sinspawn are waiting within, and are happy to take out their frustration with guard duty out on the PCs. Place the Rippers closer to the mouth of the cave, and the Wrathlord nearer to the back. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers:

Total: 625 xp (Level 2 Encounter)


Zombie Neighbours said...

Given that in the originial story encounter, the characters only encountered a single sinspawn, what where your reasons for including multiple sinspawn in the encounter. How did you have to alter the underlying story to perserve internal consistancy. After all, if the big bads have access to the ancient shocktroops of the empire of wrath, is some numbers, why did they not use them in the raise on sand point? Equally, how did a lovely and relatively peiceful place like sandpoint, without harvesters of wrath using Shiedron rituals, produce enough wrath to create so many sinspawn, without either closing of the rune well, or causing Erylium to stop using it for fear of loosing its use long term.

Scott said...

As I've explained elsewhere in this blog, many of the encounters in D&D 3.5 adventures need to be re-tooled to provide an entertaining play experience in 4th Edition. Indeed, even in D&D 3.5 single-monster encounters were usually lacking simply because of the economy of actions so heavily favoring the PCs. A five monster encounter with the sinspawn plays out much better than a single one would.

The underlying story did not require altering at all.

If it bothers you, remember that the number of goblins involved in the Swallowtail Festival raid was increased a good deal. Every goblin death can be assumed to contribute a wrath point, allowing for a very sudden burst of available wrath for the Lesser Runewell to make use of. Perhaps Erylium felt like she needed a few extra guards to make sure that the increased activity around the Glassworks and Sandpoint wouldn't threaten her Catacombs.

Either way, this is one of those cases where I feel that the underlying story is being over-thought. A rather enormous amount of the plot and background information supplied in the original adventure is almost totally useless to the players. It either has no bearing on their actions, or simply has next to no chance of being discovered by the PCs.

So while in this case there isn't really a conflict with the adventure's internal consistency anyway, even if such a conflict were to arise it's probably not worth worrying over unless there's a good chance that the PCs will stumble across the inconsistency.