Saturday, August 9, 2008

B13 (Cathedral of Wrath)

This encounter will function similarly to the original. Erylium is the focus of the fight, and she uses the lesser runewell of wrath to summon new Sinspawn to her aid. The main difference is that she has the ability (and inclination) to summon an additional two Sinspawn over the course of the fight as she becomes increasingly desperate. This is justifiable in part because the number of goblins involved in (and killed during) the raid on Sandpoint and in the Glassworks afterwards has been dramatically increased in this conversion, supplying the runewell with far more wrathful souls than it originally contained.

The runewell here contains 50 points of wrath before the encounter begins. Any creature entering the runewell immediately takes 2d10 cold damage. The runewell then makes an attack at +5 vs. Will against the creature. If successful, the creature is compelled to do nothing but attack the nearest target, using the most powerful abilities available to it (save ends).

Erylium is positioned atop the pulpit and immediately summons a single Sinspawn Wrathlord from the runewell. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers:

Total: 625 xp (Level 2 Encounter; adjusted for Erylium's summon sinspawn power)

Erylium should make use of the runewell after she first takes damage and immediately after becoming bloodied.

Located in this room, either on Erylium or elsewhere, is treasure parcel 1. Erylium wears a tiara worth 260 gp (treasure parcel 6) and a black silk gown worth 170 gp (treasure parcel 8).

Stat block:

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Antiquated Tory said...

Thanks, the party just finished the Cathedral and it was pretty cool. Your adaptation has been solid.