Saturday, August 9, 2008

Preparing for Thistletop

The next target on the PCs' agenda at this point should be Thistletop and attempting to put a stop to the enormous goblin raid threatening Sandpoint. Assign them a couple of quests to help them along.

The first is given to the PCs by a group of traveling merchants who have had their prize warhorse stolen during a goblin attack on their caravan. Shadowmist can be found within Thistletop, and requires the successful completion of a skill challenge to save. The monetary reward for returning Shadowmist is treasure parcels 6 and 10 from level 4.

The second should be given to the party whenever it becomes clear to them that the town can only be saved by taking care of the leaders of Thistletop. This could be as early as when they discover Tsuto's notes, or as late as having to throw pleading townsfolk at the PCs until they realize they're needed for the good of the town.

Either way, I suggest supplying your PCs with appropriate quest cards to allow them to keep track of what they're after in between sessions (Thistletop will undoubtedly require a number of gaming sessions to complete). Quest cards are provided below, sized for standard 3" x 5" index cards. Most modern printers are capable of printing on index cards, so simply stick one in your printer's tray (make sure your print settings are set up for index cards) and hit the print button.

Allow the PCs a chance to rest up from whatever adventure they've just returned from, and give them an opportunity to purchase equipment (they may even have enough gold to buy a magic item or two).

When they are sufficiently prepared and decide to leave Sandpoint, set them on the Navigating the Nettlewood skill challenge.

Quest card(s):

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