Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Graul Farm

It shouldn't be difficult for the party to spy Crowfood up ahead tending to the field - nor should it be difficult for him to spot the party, trudging up the path with a wounded bear in tow. At the same time, it is reasonable to assume that some of the party (including Shalelu) will choose to approach the farmstead stealthily, through the woods on either side of the path.

Before the party reaches the farmstead, however, a pair of nightbelly boas descend upon them from the nearby trees, anxious to squeeze the remaining life out of the crippled bear (and possibly a couple crunchy adventurers). Crowfood and the snakes both come at the party simultaneously, and as long as Kibb remains in the fight the boas are content to pursue him, and crush anyone who might put themselves between them and the bear. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers (plus Shalelu):

  • Crowfood
  • 2 Nightbelly Boas (Crushgrip Constrictors)
Total: 1,800 xp (Level 7 Encounter)

Kibb remains reserved, preferring to let the obviously capable PCs handle threats as they crop up. Do not include the bear when calculating experience awards.

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