Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tangent: The Hook Mountain Massacre Bestiary

The Hook Mountain Massacre contains the Smoke Haunt, Totenmaske, Skull Ripper, Argorth, Mother of Oblivion and Ogrekin template.

Smoke Haunt:

Totenmaske Devourer:

Totenmaske Burial Mask:

Skull Ripper:


Mother of Oblivion:


Ogrekin is a template that you can apply to any humanoid. When applied, select one advantageous deformity and one disadvantageous deformity, or roll on the tables provided. This template works best when applied to soldiers and brutes - creatures with high strength scores and powerful melee basic attacks.

Prerequisites: Humanoid


tadkil said...

Good design. It cpatures the intention of the work done in 3.5. Going to use this extant.

tadkil said...

Gotta remember to hit spellcheck!

Scott said...


The template isn't terribly interesting by itself (especially after I've gone through and converted monsters that have made use of just about every advantage or disadvantage listed), but it does get the feel of the ogrekin across.