Sunday, March 1, 2009

Suddenly, Satyrs

As the party travels from the Magnimar coast to Turtleback Ferry, they come across a band of satyrs. If they are traveling overland, they are led by merry music to a campsite, or spy them from the road. If the party is coming up the river, they encounter the satyrs' music while stopped for the night. They certainly could choose to avoid the camp altogether, but unless they leave the area immediately and give it a wide berth, this merely frustrates the satyrs and delays the inevitable - they are attacked in the middle of the night instead.

This is your chance to embellish as much as you wish. The satyrs should seem friendly at the outset (though a DC 15 Arcana check reveals the information provided in the Monster Manual, which ought to make anyone a bit more wary). They don't hesitate to offer the party more drinks than they can handle, and enough merryment to make them drop. They're simply biding their time until they feel confident enough that their marks are distracted, inebriated and exhausted. They attack earlier if confronted by the PCs about their deceptive ways. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers (plus Shalelu):

  • 2 Owlbears
  • 2 Satyr Rakes
  • 1 Satyr Piper
Total: 2,350 xp (Level 9 Encounter)

The satyrs' owlbears are out of sight nearby, but come running when the piper begins using his supernatural tunes against the party.

Within the satyrs' campsite, the party finds a sizable sack filled with 200 gold pieces, a spool of finely-spun violet cloth crossed with countless threads of pure gold (worth 1,500 gold pieces - treasure parcel 6 from level 8 altogether), and treasure parcel 3 from level 8. All have no doubt been taken from those previously acquainted with the band of satyrs.

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