Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Strange Bear

Allow the party a short time to tend to Kibb (a cave bear). The bear begins the encounter at its bloodied value, and has a single healing surge as a heroic-tier creature. It is also hobbled (slowed) until it receives an extended rest, on account of the trauma to its leg caused by the bear trap. The party shouldn't have more time than is required to free Kibb from the trap, assess its wounds, heal it if they so choose, and perhaps begin to wonder about its odd behavior before Rukus' hounds burst into the clearing.

The attack dogs arrive one round before Rukus does and are likely wary of the sudden increase in potential threats in the clearing. They remain at bay near the edge of the clearing (unless attacked) until Rukus bellows out an order in Giant to bring the bear down. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers (plus Shalelu):

Total: 2,100 xp (Level 8 Encounter)

Rukus has no problem retreating if the fight turns out poorly for him. He orders any dogs left standing back to the farmstead and takes flight himself. If Rukus is slain, unengaged dogs will break for the forest.

It is a DC 20 Streetwise or History check to identify the Black Arrow patches that Rukus possesses. A DC 15 Nature check is enough to observe that Kibb is trained and wants to show the party something.

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