Friday, April 10, 2009

A12 (Hucker's Lair)

Hucker now keeps a total of four donkey rats. When the encounter begins, place two of the rats in the room with Hucker. The remaining two should emerge from a nearby basement wall when there are signs that Hucker is in danger, moving to flank the PCs if possible. Note that the donkey rats are functionally identical to Rukus's hounds - this was done to make everyone's life easier, and chances are good that the players won't know the difference. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers (plus Shalelu):

Total: 2,200 xp (Level 8 Encounter)

You can cement the idea of Hucker as a caretaker for the rats by having him wail pathetically at their deaths, calling them by name.

Stat block:


tadkil said...

The Donkey Rats: Buttercup, One Eye, Crusty and Burger Momma

Scott said...

They're named Chuckles and Drooler in the original adventure, but there are four now and honestly those are better.