Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A16 (Kennel)

The remaining Graul brothers are found here, lounging around their cobbled-together still. They attack belligerently when confronted, emboldened by their revolting moonshine. The still in the center of the room still contains some of the stuff, and any attack that deals more than ten points of fire damage to the still causes it to rupture and explode. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers (plus Shalelu):

Total: 2,488 xp (Level 10 Encounter)

If a fire does break out, the party has to think quickly. They don't have time to rest before the barn is engulfed in flames, and the next room contains a pack of monstrous spiders. If the barn burns to the ground, the Black Arrows will certainly perish.

If the party decides to put out the fire, you should improvise a short skill challenge to represent the attempt. If they fail, the flames continue to spread over the structure of the barn. A well stands just outside, so if they act swiftly they can use its water to combat the flames.

Stat blocks:

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