Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last of the Black Arrows

Once Jakardros and the other remaining Black Arrows are back on their feet, it will be useful to have stat blocks handy for them. All three are presented below.

In creating these characters, I made use of the effects of a feat presented in the Art of the Kill article from Dragon #373: the Black Arrow Style technique feat. Whether by coincidence or homage to the Black Arrows themselves, this feat modifies ranger and rogue at-will attacks to improve their utility with Stealth. It was such an obvious fit that it would have been a shame not to use it.

It is unlikely that the party will initially find themselves fighting side-by-side the Black Arrows. When the party attempts to retake the fort, it is probably easiest to have one of the rangers suggest that they each take separate routes into Fort Rannick - and have Jakardros insist that Shalelu stay with him. The Black Arrows are best off providing support and distraction, and they know it. They can't handle sustained combat, so the PCs are sent in to take on those in charge of the ogre force at Rannick.

Stat blocks:

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