Tuesday, April 28, 2009

B37 (Lizard Warrens)

The twelve shocker lizards located here will tear a party of adventurers to pieces if given reason. While they won't bother the group if they simply pass through, a hint of aggressive action can bring the entire warren breathing lightning down their necks.

It is assumed that the party will successfully navigate their way past the lizards without a combat encounter erupting. If, for some reason, combat does occur, feel free to run it as presented below, though the PCs' chances of success are slim. A single bluespawn counterbolt chain can send some characters into the negatives. Award them the full experience value if they succeed. If they simply avoid the lizards entirely, do not give them any experience. They may have the opportunity to deal with the lizards at a later time, however.

I suggest the following encounter for a party of five (overly aggressive) adventurers:

Total: 5,000 xp (Level 14 Encounter)


Jake said...


I love what you're doing this and doing it publicly on a blog. I'm 90% likely to start running the latest Pathfinder Chronicles campaign (Legacy of Fire) in 4e. Advice on doing a conversion like this is welcome. How much extra effort is it taking you to publish it like this? My GMail user name is 'amnuxoll' if you want to exchange email on the topic.


Scott said...


The effort breaks down something like the following:

In converting an adventure path for you own use, you need to change the stats, create new rule elements (skill challenges, quests, etc.) and revise encounters. This takes some time, but not as much as it might take you to create your own adventure in 4th Edition from scratch (which, itself, is still pretty easy).

Publishing that conversion requires a bit more. A lot of the added effort is in making everything "presentable". Conceptually, it's the difference between taking shorthand notes that you can read and writing extensive, detailed notes for others' use. Developing a presentable format for things like stat blocks, for instance, took me quite a while. That's an investment of time up front, though. Once you've got a template hammered out, you can create subsequent monster stat blocks without much added effort at all.

Time-wise, I'd say that maintaining a blog project like this would require an extra two to three hours per game session.

I'll send you an e-mail so that if you'd like you can run things by me in more detail.