Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Boar Hunt

If the PCs decide to accompany Aldern on his hunting expedition into the Tickwood, run this skill challenge.

Skill Challenge: The Boar Hunt

Setup: The PCs are asked to accompany Aldern Foxglove on a boar hunt near Tickwood. The PC who holds Aldern’s attention from earlier receives a +2 bonus on all skills made during the hunt as Aldern actively assists him or her. At the beginning of the skill challenge, prompt any characters trained in the History skill to make checks in order to receive the information outlined under History below.

Complexity: 2 (6 successes before 3 failures)
Level: 1 (200 xp)
Primary Skills: Nature, Athletics, Perception, History

Nature (DC 5): You use your knowledge of boar habits to track one down and pursue it. Success here opens up the use of the Endurance skill.

Athletics (DC 10): You maneuver through the forest, climbing rocks or trees to get a better view of your surroundings as you search for signs of boar.

Perception (DC 10): You spot boar tracks out of the corner of your eye and follow them until you discover one of the creatures. Success here opens up the use of the Endurance skill.

History (DC 10): You recall that a traditional Varisian boar hunt is undertaken more for the thrill of the chase than anything else, especially amongst the nobility. A hunt ended quickly is a disappointment, even if you have fresh boar to show for it. A successful History skill check does not award a success.

Endurance (DC 15): The chase is on! You ride hard, tailing the boar and waiting for a shot to present itself. This skill is closed after one use, but can be re-opened. Success here counts as two successes but immediately ends the encounter. Failure on this check does not count against the PCs.

Success: The PCs impress and entertain Aldern with a thrilling hunt, and he allows each PC to keep the mount he purchased for them. If the encounter ends before a PC succeeds on an Endurance check, Aldern manages the killing shot.

Failure: The PCs did not manage to impress Aldern beyond the mild fascination he already possessed towards them. The hunt ends with nothing to show for it. Aldern accompanies the PCs back to Sandpoint, taking the horses with him once they reach the town.

Whether the party succeeds or fails, have Aldern grace them with 40 gp for saving his life during the Swallowtail festival (treasure parcel 10).

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