Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Glassworks

The Glassworks has been increased from one encounter to four. This is probably a good time to point out that, for obvious reasons, the number of goblins mentioned as being used in the raid on Sandpoint needs to be increased. They cite 30 as the number, but the PCs kill nearly that many themselves during the attack. I suggest increasing the number to 50.

Once Shalelu has briefed the party on the goblin threat and Bethana has shown them Tsuto's letter to Ameiko, they should be well on their way to the Glassworks. This is a great point to introduce the party to quests. When Bethana implores them to find out what happened to Ameiko, give them a major quest reflecting their task (Discover Ameiko's Fate). There are no changes to the adventure until the PCs reach the interior. The DCs for climbing up the building, should the PCs choose to do so, and picking the locks on the exterior doors remain at 20.

I suggest guiding the PCs along a specific route through the Glassworks (mention that they hear giggling and banging from a certain door) so that the encounter with Tsuto in the glassworking room serves as the climactic finish to the set of fights. There is one notable change that should be made to the layout of the Glassworks. The door into area A5 (the servants' quarters) should be made to face northwest, across from the door to A4 (the storeroom) instead of leading into A6 (the dining room). 4th Edition is much happier with spacious combat areas, which this change accommodates.

As far as non-combat-related treasure goes, area A16 still holds 60 gold pieces in three rolls in a hidden portion of the desk (Perception DC 15 finds it). This is treasure parcel 9.

The first encounter the PCs will likely reach is in area A5 and its adjoining hallway.

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isaacc said...

Scott, the DMG mentions that a level's worth of XP is equivalent to about 8 encounters plus one major quest plus one minor quest per character. Have you considered minor quests for the characters? This seems difficult to me if the characters were not created with involved backstories related to the AP's plot. Is that how you created the PCs?

Scott said...

Minor quests are not necessarily meant to be specific to an individual character. Minor quests are more akin to side quests, not necessarily part of the central plot of the adventure but still a heroic task for the party to perform. They are mechanically identical to major quests except that they award much less experience.

The DMG notes that the break-down includes "one minor quest per character" because the amount of experience from one minor quest per character is equivalent to an encounter of the party's level (effectively one of the eight to ten encounters they need to level up).

I recently created two quests (one major, one minor) for the party to complete during the Thistletop portion of the adventure. You can find them in the post entitled "Preparing for Thistletop".