Thursday, July 24, 2008

A17 (Glassworking Room)

And, finally, Tsuto. This should stretch the party's resources relatively thin, and Tsuto has a healthy number of goblins working at the furnace. Of all the encounter maps in the Glassworks, this is the only one that doesn't need to be enlarged (and shouldn't be, since it barely fits on most mats as is).

When the PCs first arrive, it's goblins and only goblins. Tsuto arrives during round 3. Don't bother having a goblin go run and grab him. It's entirely possible that the PCs enter from the far end of the room, blocking the way to Tsuto anyway. Just have him join the fight upstairs on his own. Roll initiative for him and insert him into the combat at the northeast doorway. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers:

Total: 875 xp (Level 4 Encounter)

The goblins should absolutely focus on killing PCs in this fight, especially once Tsuto shows up. If a PC drops unconscious at any point, the nearest two monsters should make a beeline for the body, pick it up (a minor action), carry it to the furnace doors (bearing in mind that a single goblin carrying a body is slowed due to the weight), open the doors (a minor action) and finally throw the helpless character into the furnace (a standard action). If they have an action to spare, they also slam the furnace door shut again (a minor action). Careless PCs will thus find that this fight could prove quite lethal.

Also note that by this point, the party should have accumulated a total of 5,275 XP if all the encounters outlined here are followed. This is enough to bump each character to 2nd level. So far we're on track for our stated goal of reaching 4th level before the end of the adventure.

Tsuto has treasure parcel 1 and treasure parcel 3 from level 2. Tsuto also has 180 gold pieces worth of bribe money on him (treasure parcel 6). Sequestered on Tsuto's father, encased in glass, is treasure parcel 3.

Stat blocks:


Daniel said...

Hey Scott,

Again, your blog is a godsend, but I have to say that I don't really like Tsuto with the build you gave him.

Here is an alternate, for what it's worth: Tsuto, 4th Level Helf-Elf Elite Skirmisher (Ranger Template)

Scott said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Daniel.

I may re-tool this encounter to make use of your version of Tsuto. I came up with my build just by tacking on one of the DMG templates and realized at the time that it didn't make a lot of thematic sense (although in practice it turned out just fine during the game). If I do use your version I'll be sure to give credit.

SPT Rainbow said...

I used Daniel's version of Tsuto - worked very well

I only used 3 encounters in the glassworks, mainly because I wanted to finish the glassworks during our last session, and we would not have had time for 4. I had previously used an additional skill challenge during the initial session so it worked out. I have never been wed to counting up precise XP anyway, tending to awarding enough XP to make sure the group remains at the proper level for the adventure.

BTW, this blog is a god send. I will continue to post as we go though this adventure. We have just finished glassworks and are bout to head into the Catacombs

Scott said...

I've modified the encounter to use a slightly altered version of Daniel's Tsuto.

tadkil said...

Has anyone attemopted to have Tsuto make a break for it and escape?