Monday, July 14, 2008

Tangent: Using Adventure Illustrations

There is a lot of excellent artwork in the Pathfinder adventures, and it would really be a shame if you, the DM, were the only one who got the chance to enjoy it. I've taken to printing out images from adventures for my players' benefit.

You know that DM screen you have with all that useful information on your side? There's probably some really fantastic epic battle taking place on the other side of the screen. Yeah, it's pretty, but ever feel like giving your players a change of scenery?

Here's what you do: print out illustrations from the adventure you are running. These can be of important NPCs, significant landmarks or even pitched battles. They will all help set the mood. Cut your image down so that it can fit comfortably against the back side of your DM screen without overlapping one of the edges of the screen. Then take a paperclip, and clip the cut-out illustration to the back side (the side facing the players) so that it hangs upright. Your players can now see all these illustrations for themselves in a convenient place! You can even write in labels for NPC names and the like. Don't forget to change pictures when the time comes.

It should look something like this:

Why thank you, that is a badass-looking screen, isn't it?

I used to post extracted images from the Adventure Path here for others to use, but given the number of groups making use of this conversion blog for their own games I am no longer comfortable doing so without Paizo's permission. I'd be happy to walk others through the steps to extract your own images, and if you're having trouble with the process and want the images to use as player handouts or props during your game just let me know and I can try to work something out for you.


mrcard said...

Great job so far... I plan on running Pathfinder in 4th Edition myself. Just as soon as my group finishes Age of Worms in 3.5! I'm looking forward to see how you are going to convert some of the unique monsters in Pathfinder. Also, do you post on the Paizio messageboards? There is some useful information there.

Scott said...

I don't post often on Paizo's messageboards, but I did post a link to this blog in a couple of their forums. There is a lot of great community-created stuff out there for Pathfinder, but very little of it is 4th Edition material. I'm hoping to fill that gap with something relatively organized and straightforward.

I don't want to get ahead of myself and update too much material since I want to have a chance to run my players through it first, but rest assured that I will be trying my hand at updating the bestiary entries as well (including a certain solo monster briefly touched on in Burnt Offerings).

Major updates (with new encounters and the like) will go up after each Thursday since that's when I run my game. Thanks for stopping by!