Sunday, July 13, 2008

Initial Assault

After reading off the boxed text, set up your battle mat and draw out the first encounter's map.

Begin the PCs anywhere they'd like within the festival grounds. The goblins appear coming from the northeast street between the buildings. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers:

  • 4 Goblin Cutters
  • 2 Goblin Warriors
  • 2 Goblin Blackblades
Total: 500 xp (Level 1 Encounter)

Once the party has finished off the last of the goblins, provide them with the equivalent of a five-minute rest as the crowded streets begin to clear and the goblins start to converge on the town square. When they've healed up and gotten their bearings, begin the next encounter.


Lzygenius said...

What are the purple triangles for next to the wagons for? I like your map and I think I'm going to copy it for my game, but I'm not that familiar with some mapping notations that people use.

Scott said...

Ah, it's just a way of me noting which squares are difficult terrain on the map itself. Difficult terrain is also noted in the terrain features section. Hope that helps!

Gomez said...

My version of this encounter is HERE

Hope you like it :)

BTW: You are playing this campaign?
How it's going?

Scott said...

Yes, I am. This blog reflects my group's current progress through the adventure path - updates to the blog are made as my group completes portions of an adventure. Currently they are just about to start The Hook Mountain Massacre.

Everything has gone very smoothly so far. Nothing has been especially difficult to convert, and the AP has played well.