Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The End of The Skinsaw Murders

Play out the encounter with the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar as you'd like. The party shouldn't have to jump through any further hoops to get their reward. They should receive the experience award from the major quest they've been holding onto, as well as the sum of 3,650 gold pieces from the Lord-Mayor's coffers for preventing the eventual attempt on his life.

The threats within The Skinsaw Murders are at an end, but the plot for the souls of Varisia continues. Give the PCs plenty of time to rest and recuperate. If they have any loose ends, allow them to be pursued. If you haven't yet made use of the Sandpoint Devil (and are keen on doing so), provide the party with clues to track it down - or have it track them down. The party should have reached level 8 by this point. If they haven't, consider sending a challenge or two their way to help push them over the top.

When you think your players are ready to proceed with the storyline, crack open The Hook Mountain Massacre. It's time to get disturbing.


Glirhuin said...

That was great, Scott !
Thanks again !

Scott said...

You're welcome!

drscott46 said...

Oh, brother. This is gonna be great. And hopefully just in time for me to plunk the Graul compound directly in the path of those poor bastard PCs.