Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tangent: Fiddling Around with Stat Blocks

I fiddled around a bit with the way I create stat blocks. I did away with the text-box fest and changed the font to be more universal (Tahoma). The image is now a PNG file, which preserves color integrity better and actually takes up less space for relatively simple images like these stat blocks. There are also a few other differences, all of which I think bring the appearance more in line with how stat blocks are presented in official material.

The old format:

The new format:

Let me know what you think. The new format is the slightest bit easier for me to make.


Glirhuin said...

Heya !

Well, the new or the old ? It's not very different. I prefer the old one's fonts, but the color integrity of the new one is (a lot) greater.

I noticed you used dice-symbols in the description of the Mad Goblin Forest Magic power for the PNG statblock, and you didn't in the old one. Is that intended ?

In my opinion, you should stick to the new statblock style if it is the way you prefer to create them and if it is easiest for you. The differences between old and new are quite low, and in a not-so-far future, we will get used to the new design.
And if it take less diskspace, that's another advantage to consider to choose the new format.

Go on, Scott !

Scott said...

It was intended. I didn't like how the whole "1 - ; 2 - ; 3 - " thing looked, and since it was a die rolling mechanic anyway I figured I'd make use of the nifty symbol set available to me.

A full list of changes between the old and new blocks:
- All background colors are now flush with the text they support
- Font is Tahoma
- Format is PNG
- Indentation is much more similar to sourcebook format (this also wastes a LOT less space)
- Ability score bonuses are included
- Power keywords are denoted properly with the diamond symbol

BenTheFerg said...

looka great to me Scott - cleaner, clearer, easier to read. Thanks - yet again!

Max-Steel said...


I arrive a little late but the last saturday begins the Burnt Offerings adventure in 4E. First of all, THANKS for the excellent work. I re-arranged some encounters for my 4 players group but use your adaptation as a guide.

The new design for the stat blocks looks fine, easier to read and seems to have a greater quality (specially to print it).

zilvar said...

As much as I like the Tahoma font, it didn't work as well for me. It is possible that the font is not the culprit, and it's more the compressed look (reduced vertical spacing), but I found myself straining more to read the new vs the old.

On the positive side, the overall statblock is more crisp, with sharper colors and lines, and that's a strong plus.

Mysteria said...

Both look fine to me, so I'd say go with whichever is easier to make.