Monday, February 16, 2009

E2 (The Terrible Stair)

Another set of Faceless Stalkers are now assembled on the stair to stall the party's climb. The falling bell trap is also a part of this encounter, and should be triggered partway through the fight.

Terrain Features:

  • The Terrible Stair: The stairwell will collapse if too much weight is applied. Characters who survive a collapse hop to the nearest intact square of stairwell. Rules and stats for the stair are provided below.
I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers:

Total: 1,950 xp (Level 9 Encounter)

The monsters here are well aware of the hazard posed by the stairs and are careful not to remain next to other combatants for too long. They also know about the trapped bell and may be a little worried that their companions won't wait for them to get out of harm's way before dropping it on them. If they are obviously going to be overwhelmed, consider having them pull back towards E3.

Stat block(s):


Glirhuin said...

Hi Scott !

The job you did this time is as good as all you did previously !
This work on the Pathfinder campaign is a hell of a blast.

Keep up !

I for one can't wait to see your next blog entries.

A devoted fan !

Scott said...

Thanks you!

Scott said...

Er, thank you, even.

vohumanu said...

I have a fighter who loves his Tide of Iron. I can see all of these lovely minions falling to their dooms fast...

Also, thanks for sharing your great work!

tadkil said...

Minor stat block issue on The Terrible Stairs. You say, "No check is necessary to notice the log splitter."

Cut and paste got you brother.

Scott said...

Ah, thanks. You're exactly right. This will be fixed when this encounter's stat blocks are updated.