Monday, February 16, 2009

E6 (The Angel)

Xanesha awaits the party's arrival here, no doubt aware of their presence at this point. She has with her the two ugothols still remaining under her control. I suggest the following encounter for a party of five adventurers:

Total: 2,600 xp (Level 10 Encounter)

This encounter can be murderously tough if the party gets careless. The height of this encounter above ground level is likely its most deadly aspect. A fall from this distance will result in no less than 16d10 points of damage if nothing is done to arrest it. Characters who fail their saving throw and topple over the edge should be allowed at least two opportunities to catch hold on a level of scaffolding below with a DC 15 Athletics check (taking 2d10 points of damage if they succeed on the first such check and 4d10 points of damage if they succeed on the second).

There are a few things to keep in mind when playing Xanesha. First, she uses her twisted serpents' suggestion ability as often as she can to keep enemies at bay. Because it restrains creatures it hits, she never targets PCs under its effects with her Karzoug's flame attacks (since the restrained condition prevents forced movement). She makes liberal use of her wanton's wiles ability, using it multiple times in a single round if she can manage it. If she dominates a foe, she uses wanton's wiles to slide the hapless creature into a good position to attack.

Hidden within the lamia's lair (or kept on her person) are treasure parcels 1 and 3 from level 7 and treasure parcel 4 from level 8. If you'd like, one of the treasure parcels (parcel 3 from level 7) can easily be made into an Amulet of False Life +2 in order to serve as the Sihedron Medallion.

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Daniel said...

I think this item is perfect for Xanesha's Impaler of Thorns weapon. It matches the item in the module almost perfectly, and as a lvl 8 item, fits into the parcels well.

Hideous Weapon