Monday, February 16, 2009

The Shadow Clock

This area has one of the most confusing and troublesome maps to work with of the entire adventure. E2 itself requires well over 450 squares of space to represent properly on a battle mat. In running encounters ascending the tower, keep in mind that each section of the map is 20 feet above the last. Characters with the ability to teleport (or fly) can potentially skip a level of the map, necessitating that it all be drawn out ahead of time. Also note that moving from E3 to E4/E5 and then E6 requires using the exterior scaffolding of the clock tower. No interior set of stairs connects these levels.

If you are using a battle mat, draw out the entirety of area E2 ahead of time - at least the first four "levels". This will probably take up most of your mat's real estate but will come in handy when the party is advancing up the stairs and the defending monsters are heading down. It will be doubly useful when monsters or party members are knocked down to lower levels, requiring you to keep track of combat at different heights.

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