Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Hook Mountain Massacre

My goals for this adventure are a tad broader than the previous. While I'm going to convert the adventure itself and the bestiary accompanying it, I'd also like to provide some 4th Edition depth to the Keeping the Keep article. I'll go into more detail when we reach that point. By the end of The Skinsaw Murders, the party should be 8th level. I'm going to structure the conversion of this adventure to provide enough experience to allow your PCs to be partway into 12th level (and, accordingly, paragon tier) by the end. As it turns out, The Hook Mountain Massacre is the perfect place to start the party's paragon adventures. It's this adventure that exposes the group to a region-wide threat, rather than the local ones they've been dealing with previously (limited to the problems plaguing Sandpoint and then Magnimar).

As with all converted adventures, it is essential that you be very familiar with the published original adventure and have it on hand. My advice is to read through it entirely before you start planning for your own group, and then to start checking out this conversion. When you feel like you're prepared, read on.

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