Monday, February 9, 2009

Ambush in the Garden

A second group of ugothols has been posted nearby to keep watch on the townhouse from the outside. They've taken up positions around the property as civilians, but when they notice the PCs entering the townhouse (or hear the sounds of combat coming from inside) they quickly shuffle into one of the adjacent alleys and shapeshift into the guise of a member of the Magnimar guard normally off-duty during this time. This takes ten minutes, but the party should take at least that long searching the townhouse for clues.

Once the party is done rummaging around the house, they hear a shout from the garden below. The second group, disguised as guards, claims that neighbors heard the sounds of an altercation coming from inside, and that they want to make sure everything is alright. The ugothols do everything they can to lure the party into the garden, where they have plenty of room to maneuver and can't be seen from the street (thanks to the high stone walls). When they think they have everyone assembled down in the garden, they attack. I suggest the following encouter for a party of five adventurers:

Total: 1,600 xp (Level 7 Encounter)

During this fight, the ugothols remain in their disguises until they are bloodied, just in case the real guards notice the ruckus and come to investigate. If, for whatever reason, the party decides to ignore the bait and simply leaves by way of the front entrance the stalkers do not pursue them.

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drscott46 said...

Great, great job on these. I personally can't wait until you get to the Graul section of Hook Mountain Massacre so I can unleash it on my unsuspecting PCs.